Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit (FTZ) is a Maltese not-for-profit foundation drawing key stakeholders together in a strategic partnership to boost regional development. Set up in 2004, it teams up several municipalities and key stakeholders together with the University itself to act as a collaborative network for the implementation of local and international projects of benefit to the Maltese community.

FTZ is establishing itself as the island’s premier multi-stakeholder partnership for regional development, providing lifelong education and training opportunities and promoting the formation of a strong research and innovation culture

Initially set up to provide e-learning services and promote educational projects, its role has developed to include support for local players embarking on research and innovation projects, as well as regional development initiatives in general. FTZ helps to provide the critical mass often required for participation in such projects, through networking, clustering and capacity-building actions. Ministries, local councils and SMEs all stand to benefit from the foundation's activities.

The involvement of a number of ministries, local councils and national agencies qualify FTZ as a public-equivalent organization, while its collaborative nature facilitates the achievement of the foundation’s broader mission to create greater social cohesion and contribute to the moulding of tomorrow’s knowledge-based society – “an inclusive society without frontiers to knowledge”.

Being an umbrella organisation, the foundation seeks to maximize the experience gained by working in close association with the policy-makers, regional and local authorities, civil society organisations and SMEs concerned, thus multiplying the benefits derived from its participation across the whole spectrum of its membership.  Its multi-sectoral networking arrangements and the extensive experience of its members place FTZ in a privileged position to carry out successfully demonstration and dissemination activities and fulfil the role of a multiplier of information.  It also helps to provide the critical mass often required for participation in transnational projects, through its networking and capacity-building actions.



Carlo Paesano


The Project

The ENERGEIA Project originates from the shared need of more effective ways of supporting entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energy, which, in the Mediterranean area, represent an enormous asset for a sustainable economic development. Partners within the project share common policies and priorities given by


The Partners

Eight partners from six different counties are taking part in the ENERGEIA project. These are ASTER (project leader) and the Province of Turin from Italy, IAT and INFO from Spain, FTZ from Malta, Incubateur PACA-EST from France, UAig from Portugal and SERDA from Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Pilot Actions

The Pilot Actions for the ENERGEIA project will be launched during 2014. Please register to our website to keep yourself updated.