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Project pilot actions


The final phase of the ENERGEIA project is devoted to pilot action design, implementation and evaluation. Pilot actions are aimed at developing and testing business ideas, start-ups and service or product providers in the existing renewable energy sector at national and transnational level. These are divided into 2 main groups of activities addressed to business support operators and to startups. As complementary tool, a “competence building path” was developed to strengthen business support operators’ competences in supporting SMEs. 
Capacity Building Path for Business Support Operators
ENERGEIA partners have designed the competence building path, selected the startups in their regions and delivered seminars, workshop and training sessions locally. Capacity Building is a concept that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people, governments and organizations from realizing their development goals while enhancing the abilities to achieve measurable and sustainable results.
Pilot Action 1: “Strengthening Business Providers Capacities” 
This action consists of capacity building and mapping of existing service providers in the field, as well as training programmes for services providers, such as incubator managers, business coaches and tutors. Through training programmes for incubator managers, business coaches and tutors, the business operators will gain tools in order to support SMEs in energy sector.
Pilot Action 2: “Support Path for Business ideas” 
It consists of a set of training, scouting and mentoring programmes, with the objective to support and help in the development of new business ideas for a selection of companies in partner regions. 
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The Project

The ENERGEIA Project originates from the shared need of more effective ways of supporting entrepreneurship in the field of renewable energy, which, in the Mediterranean area, represent an enormous asset for a sustainable economic development. Partners within the project share common policies and priorities given by


The Partners

Eight partners from six different counties are taking part in the ENERGEIA project. These are ASTER (project leader) and the Province of Turin from Italy, IAT and INFO from Spain, FTZ from Malta, Incubateur PACA-EST from France, UAig from Portugal and SERDA from Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Pilot Actions

The Pilot Actions for the ENERGEIA project will be launched during 2014. Please register to our website to keep yourself updated.